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No matter How Bad The Economy, The Secret Shared Here Can Completely Turn Your Financial Life Around in Few Weeks
From the Desk Of Abdulwahab Ojenya
Dear Friend,

By now you've doubtless come to the same realization I did when I was starting out;

The fastest way to break through big time in this online business is to flat out copy something which already works.


Correct. For the first time in history - I'm pushing the boat out here and flat out GIVING YOU my entire 7-figure/per year business on a silver platter so you can make money with it.

This is everything you need to finally achieve the breakthrough you've been looking for and start making the money you truly deserve.

You're getting a complete turnkey money-maker here which will change your life, your financial future, and your income forever.

You're being handed everything you need to make $1000 - $4,000/month

And yes;

You get to experience dramatic results incredibly quickly. This is great news for you because; I'm personally going to give you everything you need as well as lead you by the hand and show you every last thing you need to do to break through to the next level in record time.

Let's do this; Now is your time...

Creating your own Digital Products from scratch or Get already made products with resale right and modify the name to your own product is the best way to make bastard money online while you sleep
Show me just one Internet Guru who is not selling information product ?, there is non including myself and that is why I want to show you how you can start creating your own digital products without spending too much time and money. You will not only learn how to create Digital Products like eBooks and Videos, I will also show you thousands of already made digital products that you can get for free without paying a dime and show you how to start selling these information to hungry buyers who are ready to buy this information.
I know the next question on your mind is "What are Information products, why are people buying information products and How Can You Sell Your information products ?"
The Answer is Simple and Straight Forward
  • What are Information products

An Information Product is an article (often digital) where data and information are structured in a specific format to instruct, educate or guide the consumer in order to meet a predefined purpose.

Format can be written, audio, video or a combination.

And to narrow further down:

A Great InfoProduct is an information product that provides a process and tools for the customer to address a struggle, to transform from a state A to a state B.

example of info pro
  • Why are people buying information products

It is no longer a new thing that:
Information is the currency of destiny. The world thrives on information. Have you ever asked yourself why people visits google, wikipedia, buy newspaper, watch TV, goes to school ? It's just for one reason and that is "Because they want to know"

Now, look at it from this angle:

  • You have knowledge about a certain thing that others do not
  • You have a certain expertise/skill that other people will pay you for.
  • Whatever YOU are good at can turn into a 6-figures career (or way more).

The ideas/skills/knowledge you have and never valued are solution to some people's problem and you can easily translate it into a cash whopping machine.

The revenue in this business is so huge that you can make between $1,0,000 to $20,000 in a month if you get the strategy right.

Just imagine you have a solution to lose weight or you have the cure to some deadly diseases like Blood Pressure/Ulcer/Diabetes/Ebola/HIV, do you know how much money you will make from that ?

Let me give you another case scenario – Everyday, over five hundred thousand people are looking for information on how to travel abroad. If you have the useful information on how anyone can travel abroad and package it in eBook, DVD, Audio, or other formats.

These people are willing and ready to buy it from you at a cool price. Using internet, you can easily sell 150 digital copies in a month at $18 (or more...) each using my solid blueprint, and that is over $2,700 without having to print the information or burn the video into disc which is why it is termed as digital products.

  • To makeup or clear pimples/acne/stretch mark
  • To bake cake & plan event
  • To secure visa/travelling document
  • To make money from farming or any other legitimate business
  • To write/convince people (copyright)
  • To invest in real estate
  • To design website, logo, cartoons or animation
  • To lower blood sugar/blood pressure
  • To play instrument (Keyboaard, Sax, Violine, Guitar)
  • To build muscles and get six packs
  • To woo a lady and make her say yes
  • or any other ideas/skills or information you have... (It could be ANYTHING)

Then you are just a step away from making money and building an empire for yourself.

I only use these as an example, this Info2Cash SYSTEM can be applied to all niche (Health, IT, Real Estate, Fashion, Education, Engineering, or any other categories.). All you need to do is to find a problem in an area which you are knowledgeable about, create a solution, package it into information product and target a market of people who need it online.


If you dont have any idea to package into Digital product, Simply go to the website i will give you in this course, download any product of your choice in any niche from over 10,000 digital product in the website and target a market of people who need it online.

Voila! Sit back and watch your phone filled with ALERT

This is going to work for you, transform your life and make you money faster than you could ever imagine except you decided not to take action.

  • How Can You Sell Your information products ?"

That is exactly what i will be showing you here, making money online by selling information product is easy, safe, simple and legitimate.....

      • No experience needed
      • No certficate required
      • No office space required
      • No employee needed
      • You don’t have to quit your present job to make money online
      • It requires no special internet skills or work experience
      • You don’t have to work like a jackass before you become successful

All you need is a Computer and Internet connection, and this you can start even without having a computer, 2-hours browsing each week in a cybercafe is enough to get you started after you have made some few bucks, get your own computer and start fully.

The most exciting part is that age, sex or location is never a barrier, so long you are interested in taking part and there is internet access where you live, YOU ARE GOOD TO GO!


I would reveal to you, the secret that has made me never to search for jobs again ever since Dec 2017 when I discovered these online income opportunities. I would reveal to you, the secret that makes me six-figure income online monthly.

Meanwhile, I Also Started Out With A Zero Internet Marketing Experience Just Like You.

You see, you don’t have to be an internet guru to make money on the web. Once you learn the vital things to get you up and running, you’re good to go!

Just as money is made in the physical world, the electronic world (ONLINE) also provides an opportunity for making money.

The only difference is that online means of making money is much easier, safer, and lucrative because, the use of computers on the internet has made automation possible, creating rooms for ordinary people to make money online 24/7 even when they sleep.

Online business does not require investment in offices, you can do it from your home.

Are You Wondering How An Average Person Can Make As Much As $10,000 Online Monthly Legitimately?


You Have All The Answers On This Website, And I’ll Give Them To You Without Holding Anything Back!

A lot of people including myself have used these businesses to defeat poverty and become really rich, if we can use these means and make it, then you too can! I discovered that the real benefits that come from working at home and earning a living on the internet are far more than making a lot of money, it is about having the freedom to live your life as you choose.

              • If you could spend more time with family and friends
              • Be your own boss
              • Work at the schedule of your own choosing
              • Throw the alarm clock away
              • Take vacations when you choose
              • Fire your terrible boss
              • Never had to work in a blizzard
              • Play and exercise the more
              • Build a real retirement plan
              • Work from home while the money keeps piling up for you in the bank

Sounds Amazing Right?

Don’t take my word for it, just read on to understand and know more about this proven SYSTEM of making money! A lot of people do not want you to discover these secrets.


The Answer Is Simple And Straight! Well, firstly it won’t affect my online income whatsoever and secondly, it gives me the opportunity to earn some extra cash by teaching people how to earn a regular full-time income online legitimately.

I believe we all deserve to live a more abundant life, not having enough money could tear you apart.

I could decide to keep my mouth shut and continue to tap the goldmine, leaving you to continue struggling financially while I make all the money, even while I’m asleep.

But, it’ll give me much pleasure, fulfillment, and joy, if you share your success stories with people in the future and our name is mentioned.

Making money and changing lives, what could be more fulfilling than that? I truly want to be remembered for good in your life.

If you are looking for a RED EASIER BUTTON TO RICHES, then you are wasting your time reading this information.


I wish you success in finding the easier way to riches. If one truly exists. But if you are looking for a stress-free work from home job, a legitimate business that’ll guarantee you outstanding success. Allow me the honor of walking you through the whole process. What you need to succeed is someone with proven strategies that work. A true MENTOR.

I Am Not Like Any Of These GET-RICH-QUICK Marketers, I Do What I Preach!


If you ever spent a dime on any information product that teaches how to make money online and you are yet to see good results or you have not yet started making money consistently online, I can boldly say that you have been spending your money on junks.

You don’t need to go through several trials and errors before you make it online if you have the RIGHT MENTOR. You only need to learn the things that really work. Forget about the crap that has been sold to you in the past by the so-called GURUS.


A lot of people are out there, seeking endlessly for this kind of information, but in truth, only a few can come across it. You don’t get to see this kind of information every day, so thank your star and make the best use of the information you are about to come by. Which lots of people do not want you to know about. If You Can Be Dedicated, Determined, Hardworking, And Smart, Your Success Is Guaranteed!!!

Why Am I So Sure Of This System?

I have streams of income but this Info2cash system is one of my fastest system of generating income. I have used this time and time again to generate consistent income.

More of my result and testimony of my students using this system speaks louder:

my march 2018 paypal proof
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Testimony of some of my students using this system speaks louder:
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If you really want a system that can continue to generate cash for you - Even in Bed or In Today's Bad Economy. Then This is For You
info2cash system

Here Is How To Be Among The 40 Success Story I
Want To Add To Others Success Testimony because
here I'll Reveal How you Can Effortlessly
Transform your Skills, Knowledge And Passion To Cash.

Gladly Present...
What You Will Get Inside The Coaching Program:
  • I will use my years of experience and show you how to search for a PROFITABLE niche that sell like crazy.
  • Show you how to register a DOMAIN NAME of your choice and HOST your website without hiring anyone to do it for you, it is easy because no coding and no programming.
  • I will show you how you can get free web-store even if you don't have little capital as said above for your hosting and domain.
  • Spoonfeed you the procedures to design a superb SALES PAGE and LANDING PAGE to sell your information product (it will include the product description, your name, picture and bank account)
  • The powerful concept to turn your ideas into MARKETABLE INFORMATION PRODUCT
  • I will show you step by step on how to create a video Ad/ lead magnet.
  • I will use my Five(5) years experience to show you how to create your own product (Videos and E-books)
  • How to design an eCOVER for your information product
  • I will show you step by step method to get access to over 10,000 product without creating it yourself and sell to keep the 100% profits.
  • Show you how to get one-month FREE autoresponder and show you how you can use to mail your list on autopilot, You do the job once and leave the system to do the rest of the job on autopilot for the next days you desired
  • I will show you how to integrate forms to your websites from auto-responder
  • Show you how to create a professional WEBMAIL (e.g so you won't have to use gmail or yahoomail to send the product to your subscribers.
  • Teach you how to use FACEBOOK and instagram to advertise your information product to the right audience with cash in their pocket.
  • And many more....
How Much Is This Info2Cash System ?

Looking at what you are getting in this Info2cash System and the amount of money you will make in the first month alone, how much do you think this system worth ? Just be sincere to yourself...

I can easily tag the price $300 for this kind of system but I don't want to give anyone chance to make excuse of not getting it because of price.

Here Is It:
Price is $100

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get all I promised in the video tutorial, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund. Everything as promised will be handed over to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 - It’s the method TOP Marketers are using NOW to make THOUSANDS of Dollar per day but don’t want to reveal to you.

#2 - A Powerful Simple and easy to implement method that less than 1% of people are using right now to 10x their online profits.


You Will Definitely Be Wowed How This Will Bring You More Money if you take your time to FOCUS on this


Yes!!! The Strategy Shared Will Definitely Work For You Even If You Are New to making money on the internet

  • How long until I start making money Using INFO2CASH SYSTEM ?

You can make money within hours of getting started once you implement the step by step method that has been dished out in the training.


You Will Be Immediately Redirected To The Download Page If You Made Payment.

P.P.S - Whether you are unemployed or you are looking for a business you can do alongside your 8-5pm job, this INFO2CASH SYSTEM is for you and it is so simplified that a 15yrs old kid can apply it. Take a look at this once again, am duplicating the same system that has been working for me for over 3yrs, there is no way I will coach you and you won't make money as well, take good care of your family and live the life you've always dream of.

As you can see, this offer is not meant to last for a longtime. The truth is I can't coach everyone, I have just a few slots and the time is ticking already. If you want to save yourself some money, grab it now. If you delay and miss out of this, don't expect me to repeat this kind of opportunity ever again.

This is the same blueprint that fetches my students money on a monthly basis. If you get this INFO2CASH SYSTEM and you religiously follow my procedures, but you still do not make money online, then you need more than "overhauling". This is to tell you am more than 100% sure this INFO2CASH SYSTEM is going to change your story forever.
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