Discover the secret behind all google problem that you have been encountering in your business and learn how to solve them or if you have not encountered any problem, you need to watch this to avoid future problem that can totally run down your business

Every week, on my social media handle not less than 5 people from the tier 3 country ask me for help as regards their Google ads account.

  • Some, after importing products worth several thousands or even millions of Naira from China, their Google ads account got suspended.


  • Some, after doing everything possible to get a Master Card to make payment for their ads, their cards got declined and they are left with no hope.


  • Some, after creating their account, ran ads for about a week, their account got suspended for suspicious payment or circumventing policies.


  • Some, after being suspended, find it extremely difficult to open another account, due to the fact that Google keep suspending every single account they create.

If these are not FRUSTRATIONS, what else is?

The basic truth is that few of us know how to advertise on Google without facing any of the challenges listed above. However, what is the fate of those who don't know how to go about it?

Such person might lose hope, run loss or even close his/her business completely. SAD! But that's what actually happen to many people. Fortunately, i will change the game for you.

Welcome, My Fellow Marketers
In my over 6 years as Google ads specialist in Nigeria, i have face different challenges and work on different strategies that has helped me to develop more love for this powerful platform. I don't want to tell you that Google is the number one platform on the internet world. I guess you already know.
Are you new to Google ads or you are among the people who have been FRUSTRATED by Google due to issues such as:
  • Inability to add your Debit Card to pay for ads?
  • Google Ads account suspension for violations?
  • Extremely poor Ads performance?
  • Ads disapproval due to policy reasons?
  • etc.
Here's My Rescue For You
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If you are currently facing the challenges from google, or you have not fall into any of this problem but you want to know the root causes of these problems to avoid it from happening to you in the future, then you need to take this course
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